Serving: 6 inch loaf  

  1. 2 cups flour 
  2. 1 tsp instant yeast 
  3. 4 tbsp olive oil
  4. 1 cup warm water 
  5. 1 tsp sugar 
  6. 1/2 tsp salt  
  7. 1 tsp mixed herbs (rosemary, parsley, oregano)
  8. Cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, olives


  1. Take the flour on a clean surface, make well in between and add sugar and yeast. 
  2. Start kneading the dough with little by little water. Add salt, butter and knead. Continue kneading for 5-10 mins to make it a very smooth dough.
  3. Once the dough is ready, apply some oil on top and cover with a damp cloth for 2 hours to let it rise. 
  4. After 2 hours when the dough has doubled, knead it again for 2 mins. 
  5. Stretch & spread it in the baking dish with fingers and let it rest for 1 hour again as it increases in size. 
  6. Once the dough has risen in the baking dish, pour some olive oil on top and lightly press it with fingers to make dents on it. 
  7. Top it with choice of vegetables and herbs. 
  8. Bake at 200• C pre heated oven for 30-35 mins or until it’s is browned from the top.