Hello! I’m Aarushi.​

Foodcrush by Aarushi began solely as a way of documenting beautiful plates of food during my time at the university, abroad. I have always held an inherent inclination towards food and  brought back different cultures from places i visited. In 2017, during my masters in London, i kept my curiosity fed  by visiting the hotspots and hidden gems in the city. That’s when my friends saw the fascination in me and put in the idea of blogging in my head.

I love to showcase different techniques and ingredients while keeping them fresh, vibrant and authentic. My style of cooking is homely, rustic and full of fun! I am here to educate my readers that there is absolutely nothing intimidating about cooking. I am here to decode complicated dishes into step by step new-age versions.

I started creating more and more dishes and posted recipes on a regular basis and built an audience in the process. A recipe innovator, and a big foodie ever since I was 12! I conduct online workshops from time to time to share my knowledge and love for food. I have also been recognised by the state (chhattisgarh) news paper ‘nav bharat’ and local news channel (bilaspur) for my work. These have been very big motivations to me to take bigger leaps.  Lastly, we’ll all agree that way to everyone’s heart is through their stomach. So let’s get there and win hearts!

Follow me on my instagram page- @foodcrushbyaarushi for an everyday update. I would also love to hear your recommendations and incorporate your feedback. Let’s chat in the comment section below or email on hello@foodcrushbyaarushi.com


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